Wednesday, 16 March 2011

David Slade rebooting 'Daredevil'

It's been  a while coming, but Variety reports that David Slade has landed the job of reviving Daredevil. Rather than start from scratch, it seems the plan is to make a semi-sequel with a whole new cast; worked for The Incredible Hulk, so I see no reason it shouldn't work here. (And it sounds much better than the pisspoor pitch Xavier Gens gave recently.)

I seem to be in a bit of a minority inasmuch as I didn't mind Mark Steven Johnson's take on the Man Without Fear. It could have done with a sharper script and a shitload less nu-metal on the soundtrack, but it looked great, was well cast (racists go to hell, no one in Hollywood was more suited to Kingpin than Michael Clarke Duncan) and had an impressively action-packed final reel. In fact, I'm even more in the minority in that I preferred the theatrical edition to the overlong, overindulgent director's cut. But there was a definite sense that it took itself a little too seriously, and it dished up a pretty watered down version of the classic Elektra saga, with needless changes made to the character (and, of course, the costume); then Fox proceeded to add insult to injury with the Elektra movie. Poor Jennifer Garner; she really wasn't a bad choice, but she had no chance with the material given to her.

Oh, and I could give a monkey's about Kingpin being black and Bullseye being Irish, but why the hell wasn't Matt Murdock ginger?! And Affleck said he was serious about the part. I mean, even Matthew McConaughey could be arsed to dye his hair black and put in green contacts to play Dirk Pitt in Sahara.

But anyway - David Slade doing Daredevil? Could be worse. Sure, it's hard not to label him a shameless corporate sell-out sucker of Satan's cock for directing Twilight: Eclipse, but let's not forget that Hard Candy was a genuinely smart, atmospheric and unnerving shocker. And while I had my issues with 30 Days of Night, most of those were the exact same issues I had with the comic, so I can't really hold Slade culpable.

In short, it's hard to get excited just yet; get a good cast and a good writer and we'll be in business. Hmm... given that Slade's worked with him before, can anyone else envisage Josh Hartnett donning ol' Hornhead's red leathers? Or would getting Affleck's sloppy seconds again be too reminscent of Pearl Harbor...?

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