Friday, 14 January 2011

Holy crap - it's Spidey & Cap!

 There we have it - Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, unmasked. And is it any coincidence that this first picture appears to show him wandering down Broadway looking down-hearted...?

But seriously - what do we take from this image? Knee-jerk reaction is to point out how alarmingly Robert Pattinson-esque it is - fluffy sideways-brushed fringe over furrowed brow, arch cheekbones and shoegazing expression. But is it fair to attack this as pure Emo, when Peter Parker always has had more than a bit of the tortured soul thing about him? And the suit looks pretty cool; slightly darker tones than the Maguire model, and a shinier, leathery finish.

And then we have Chris Evans as Captain America. This was always going to be a trickier proposition; perhaps more than any of the other classic Marvel heroes, this one had the potential to look the most absurd in the flesh. And yes, it still looks a wee bit absurd, but taken as an embodiment of American patriotism during World War 2, it seems credible enough. They appear to have taken much inspiration from The Ultimates, balancing out the almost pop-art design with practical battle armour. And the wings are kind of still there.

True believers we remain...

UPDATE: 18th January - check out this more official, ubercool Cap pic! (Thank you Den of Geek.)

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