Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First look at 'X-Men: First Class'

Courtesy of CHUD - or, at least, that's where I saw it first - here's the first official photo, perhaps leaked unofficially, of the cast of Mathew Vaughan's upcoming X-prequel.

A photo can only tell us so much, of course, but this would seem to confirm the murmurs that the film would be taking a more 60s aesthetic in line with the original comics. Aside from January Jones' Emma Frost, of course, whose appearance here will no doubt be inspiring rabid reactions among many fans. Fassbender and McAvoy look suitably leader-ish: their matching costumes would again appear to confirm that we will see Magneto and Xavier starting out on the same team, before those tricky ideological differences tear them apart.

Not sure how or why Howie Mandel's Maurice from Little Monsters crept into the back there, but hey...

As unexpected as it was, how could an X-movie from the director of Kick-Ass not be an exciting prospect? Can't wait to see more.

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