Friday, 15 October 2010

Age be damned: Nic Cage will 'Drive Angry'

I'm sure we all find ourselves asking a great deal in recent years: could Nicolas Cage be getting too old for this shit?

It's easy to forget what a left-field figure he started out as. Hollywood royalty as nephew to Francis Coppolla, he made his name through the likes of the Coens' Raising Arizona and David Lynch's Wild At Heart; movies with a decidedly less-than-mainstream bent. Sure, he'd do the occassional popcorn flick like Wings of the Apache (an oft-forgotten Top Gun with helicopters), but these were always balanced out with the edgier, weirder, more ununsual films. And yet, looking at his work from the past fifteen years or so, it becomes readily apparent that the balance has shifted. Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation et al. would seem to be the exception rather than the rule, with his main body of work being the blockbusting likes of The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, Gone In 60 Seconds, the National Treasure movies, Ghost Rider, Kick-Ass...

And then there's the small matter of that Wicker Man remake... which I still haven't seen so can't comment on.

But is any of this necessarily a problem? I don't think so. While the aforementioned movies vary somewhat in quality (Gone In 60 Seconds and Ghost Rider are the only ones I really don't like; and I must confess that, in spite of its inherent crappiness, I love National Treasure), one thing is apparent: Nic Cage chose to do them for the fun of it. Clearly this is a man who enjoys what he does for a living, or surely he wouldn't do so much of it. I rather doubt he's in it just for the money; it's fair to assume he's long since made enough to never have to work again. I also rather doubt he's out for the kudos, because... well... look at some of the choices he's made.

What's inspiring about Cage is the sense that he really doesn't give a shit. If a project tickles his fancy, he takes it on. If it doesn't turn out great; well, soon enough he's taking on another. Done, done, onto the next one.

Does Drive Angry look ridiculous? You're darn tootin' it does. Cage is a scar-faced wiry haired condemned soul going AWOL from hell on a personal quest for revenge, with a crazy-arse gun and a muscle car. Sitting at his side is Amber Heard; improbably sexy, young enough to be his daughter. There's a great potential here for the world at large to laugh and shake its head at this sight, accuse Cage of acting out a textbook midlife crisis. But, once again - I strongly suspect he doesn't give a shit. Because he sure looks like he's having a good time.

And damned if Drive Angry doesn't look like it'll be a good time too. Demonic vengeance, fast driving, a hot chick - maybe this'll be the film Ghost Rider should have been...

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