Friday, 2 July 2010

Let's go crazy. Let's get nuts. It's 'Chanbara Striptease.'

Yup, those crazy cats responsible for Onechanbara are at it again...

There's an official synopsis for this, but in this instance it hardly seems worth repeating. Suffice to say that, as I said over at Brutal As Hell in my review of Robo-Geisha, this subgenre of Japanese cyber-splatter is getting old very quickly. Sure, I love a scantily clad Oriental woman as much as the next guy, but even so, this movie had better pull something new out of its hat to impress me.

But what the hell, here's the trailer. Manga release Chanbara Striptease to Region 2 DVD on 26 July; look out for my review before then.

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