Tuesday, 6 July 2010

'DOA: Dead Or Alive.' Yes, I love it.

This - without question my most frivolous Ka-Boomski! entry to date - is a semi-apology. A while back at B Through Z, I wrote a piece entitled Everybody Hates Paul, in which I lamented over the many failings of Paul WS Anderson. There was a vague passing reference to DOA: Dead Or Alive, which he co-produced. I dismissed it as "middle of the road." BTZ editor Jamie blasted my indifference, insisting "DOA rules."

I thought nothing of it for all this time, then ITV1 showed it last Friday night. And I watched. And...

Yes. DOA really does rule.

I'm not sure there's much else that really needs to be said on the matter. So...

No - there really isn't anything else that needs to said, is there? DOA... a modern masterpiece.

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  1. Okay - fine. I'm sold. I hadn't watched this before, but also no one told me Jaime Pressley is in this film. mmmmm.... love me some JP...