Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Coming soon - 'Sons of the Wind: Bangkok Ninjas'

Is parkour passe yet? It's on the cards, I'm sure. Scenes of people running and jumping over rooftops and so forth - soon enough people will see those and say "God, that's so 2000's."

But hey, those days aren't here yet - and this looks like it might be fun.

"When a group of French free-runners decide to move from Europe to Bangkok to set up a training school and gym in the Thai capital, they get more than they bargained for when they encounter a gang of Thai athletes and martial artists who have chosen to betray their heritage by pledging allegiance to a powerful Japanese Triad leader intent on gaining control of the city’s underworld. Unfamiliar with the local culture and the traditions and customs that have led the Thai gang to side with the Japanese gangsters, the Frenchmen become unwittingly entangled in a deadly, escalating turf war they don’t understand. In the midst of this violent turmoil, each one is forced to face his past and his fears, as questions of loyalty, love and integrity are raised while the threat of an inevitable mortal combat looms before them."

Sons of the Wind: Bangkok Ninjas comes to R2 DVD on 26th July, from Manga Entertainment. Look out for a review here soon.

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